Beneficial Economics (Benecon) is an occasional publication that identifies advances in contributions to economics that are believed to have the potential to contribute to a beneficial practical applications in policy and economic activities.

Where no significant advances are apparent the publication is not issued.

Sometimes past propositions become relevant as a result of additional information or as a result of changes in technology and techniques applied to goods, information and financial management. Evidence and logical argment disproving standard economic narratives are also considered to be beneficial where this opens up vistas for more effective economic management.

The next edition of Benecon will be issued in Q4 2021.

Salient topics will be:
  • climate change
  • pandemic recovery
  • ineffective monetary policy instruments
  • the collapse of QTM
  • central banks & the democratic deficit
  • public choice
  • sustainable growth
We welcome alerts concerning significant advances. Please send to: